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Tracey (Macaws Australia / Parrots Australia) is the best person I know when it comes to knowledge & care of birds, she is always there to help when in need, even if its not one of her birds. 

A Blue and Gold Macaw was my dream bird, I had been wanting one for about 6 years but its a lot of money which is why I called it my "Dream Parrot" so i spent a lot of time just looking and dreaming.

The time came, I decided I was going to buy a Macaw. I did lots of research and looked at many birds & spoke to many breeders. When I finally met Tracey I had never met or spoken to anyone with such knowledge & love of her birds. Tracey truly cares about making sure you get the right bird to suit your family and home. Whether it be spending $50, $500, $5000 or $10,000 the money made on her birds is not important to Tracey, for her its about making sure the birds go to their new home with no regrets

Tracey H (Buddys owner)

Blue and Gold Macaw.jpg

I I just want to say a public THANKYOU for INDY. Last Wednesday an 8 year dream became reality when I picked up my princess at the airport. As we know you guys had the job of making sure Indy was right for our family seeing we have 5 kids, well she is perfect. Within 10 mins of being home she was out of crate and in our arms. INDY has the most gentle charisma and is a baby doll. She has no hesitation of taking an under wing scratch from strangers, she has been with us 5 days and has done heaps, car cruising, school pick ups and trips to the markets where she lapped up attention. She is the apple of everyones eye here. INDY and Tyson (6) have an amazing friendship but what has made me realise just how much work you guys put into your birds is how INDY met my 15yr old daughter. Never once has Nakayla been able to touch any of our birds even a budgie, but Indy crawled up her leg and beak kissed her, it was magical. Indy knew Nakayla was scared but that didn't stop her, she wanted a Nakayla hug. My tears of joy flowed at the airport when i rung you, I couldn't talk, I was starring  at beauty and a fluffy pom pom head! It's not everyday you can take your bird somewhere and you get stopped to be paid a compliment on a stunning Macaw....I do now!

Your dedication and commitment to birds is out of this world. Indy has the most loving nature and that is all due to you guys and the way she was raised with love not a $$$$ value. Indy for such a young bird is very strong on her feet and has the confidence of an older bird. I want to thank you and Craig and your sons for all the work you have put into making INDY perfect for us. I still get tearswhen I watch her sleep in my lap as to how lucky we are to have a Tracey and Craig Macaw! You guys are amazing and have made us one very happy family. Don't stop the amazing work you guys do with your birds, its something to be very proud of, hold your heads high you guys rock, not only as breeders of amazeballs birds but as our friends. Thank you once again, from us all here. Xoxo I LOVE MY MACAW

Sonya B

Blue and Gold Macaw

"Thank you Tracey - 18 months and Pablo alias the bat is amazing - he is sooo loved by all campers at Bridport Seaside Bridport Seaside Caravan Park and wants nothing more than to talk and interact all day - at night he is a smoocher - we couldn’t be happier - again thank you thank you"

Susan W

Blue and Gold Macaw
Blue and Gold Macaw

"He is such a gentle boy and loves getting out in the sun! Thank you for such an amazing baby Tracey"

Stacey W

We have had Olli’e for a 11 days and he melts our heart. Tracey Waddell has done an awesome job"

Julie A

blue and Gold Macaw.jpg

"This is our new Baby we picked up on Sunday. We are so in love we have a few names picked but waiting to hear back with its gender. Tracey really does an amazing job with these birds."

Emma A

Harlequin macaw.jpg
Harlequin macaw.jpg

I "Seriously can’t get enough of this bird

Thank you so much Tracey, you have really done an amazing job raising Archie and also all the other birds you and Craig raise and look after

I applaud the both of you" 


Blue and Gold Macaw.jpg

Nelly day 3. Feeling like she's always been here. Tracey Waddell your birds are unbelievable, reared with love and gentleness everyone of them is living proof of what you put into them. I'm so proud to be another amongst so many happy owners of a baby from you. So many memories to be made x

Sheree S

Blue and gold macaw_edited.jpg
Blue and Gold Macaw.jpg

I got my absolute love of my life 3 years ago from Macaws Australia/Parrots Australia, Roger is a 3 year old Blue and Gold Macaw, he has an awesome life, he models a few times a year, has his own Facebook Page, goes to Cafe's Restaurants etc, ears ice cream cones at Movie pick. Roger is so loved and so special, he is in a loved family home. Roger yells at cars on the road from inside our car.

Roger has got into mischief, I needed advice from Tracey, every situation she is there for Roger and Me ha ha. I have made a great friend buying from Macaws Australia/Parrots Australia. Any time I need information I call Tracey who I have nicknamed birdie google. I ring her with what I tink is a question that will stop her in her tracks, never once ! she just rolls the answers off her tongue like its so simple.  Tracey and Craig are a wealth of knowledge and I feel their advice is up there with some of the best Avian vets in Australia. nothing they don't know. Tracey is always there to educate and teach me the right way, she laughs at some of Rogers capers. I am so lucky to have beautiful friends like Tracey and Craig from Macaws Australia/Parrots Australia

If you buy from Tracey the sale isn't over once you drive away. Tracey is always there on FB,Email and on the phone for you. Tracey and Craig are well respected in the bird world in Australia and internationally. Tracey is awesome I would buy from Macaws Australia/parrots Australia again in a heart beat.

Simone P

Blue and Gold Macaw

"Someone wanted her dinner early... came to visit in the kitchen to see what was taking so long!!! We have only had Luna for just over a week and she has fitted into our family so well. Thank you so much Tracey Waddell for trusting us with one of your beautiful babies."

Terri V


Blue and Gold Macaw
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