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Baby Blue and Gold Macaws For Sale

Blue and Gold Macaws are a highly intelligent, expressive, and affectionate species, making them a popular choice for pet owners worldwide. Their increasing popularity in Australia has made them a coveted companion pet.

At Macaws Australia we prioritize the well-being of our baby Blue and Gold Macaws, and as such, we utilize a parent-started approach. This involves allowing the parents to raise the chicks in a nest box for a few weeks, where they can communicate with them instead of starting life listening to the drone  humming of incubator.

Unlike parrots that are incubated, our parent-started chicks benefit from exposure to beneficial environmental bacteria and receive food regurgitated from their parents, which contains live enzymes and crop flora. From the moment they hatch, they begin cloacal drinking, which exposes the lymphocytes in bursa of fabricius to antigens, thereby creating B cells, which is a distinct line of defence in the acquired immune system. A nest provides a better environment for this natural process instead of an artificial sterile environment like that of an incubator.

We strongly advocate for parent starting as it promotes the natural growth and development of the chicks, allowing them to establish a robust immune system and giving them the best chance of living a long and healthy life

We raise all our companion babies within our own family environment. Each baby experiences/ familiarizes itself with different situations and noises associated with general household living . 


Each one of our baby Blue and Gold Macaws are harness trained so you get the optimum level of enjoyment out of them by being able to take them out in the car, to the park, beach, social gatherings etc. It is important to keep their world big and to continue to offer them mental stimulation by introducing them to different environments.  We are also happy to teach our babies in house recall before they go to their new homes. 

All our baby macaws are raised on a quality formula and weaned onto soaked/sprouted seed, pellets, nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables. 


If you would like to know more about the Blue and Gold Macaws we have for sale  call Tracey on 0448922492 and join us on our Facebook page at

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