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Blue and Gold Macaws

          Known as the clowns of the macaw world. These are the most popular pet macaw world wide. 

Green-Winged Macaws

          Green-winged Macaws are the second largest macaw in the world, they are known as the gentle giants when you take into account their personality verses their size.

Scarlet Macaws

          A highly intelligent macaw, I find them to be emotionall sensitive like African greys. 

Keys_ No I’d never touch those shiny keys #macaw #macaws #macawsaustralia #macawsofig  #ma
Morning scritches with this boy 😍💕 #ma
Catalina Macaws

          This is a really nice hybrid, you get the playfulness of a blue and gold coupled with the intelligence of the scarlet. These make beautiful pets and are great for free flying.

Yellow Collared Macaws

          Literally a miniature macaw in every sense of the world. they are extremely intelligent , a huge personality is a small package.

Camelot Macaws

      An absolutely stunning but rare  Hybrid, we are incredibly blessed with breeding  well coloured camelots with amazing temperaments.

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At Macaws Australia we socialise our babies

At Macaws Australia we socialise our babies

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