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Green-Winged Macaws For Sale 
Ara Chloroptera 

Green-winged macaws are widely regarded as the "gentle giants" of the macaw world and are the second-largest species of macaw. As highly intelligent birds with a calm and steady temperament, they exhibit curiosity and adaptability. When raised properly and well-socialized, they can make exceptional companions that are both affectionate and loving.

At Macaws Australia we prioritize the well-being of our baby Green-winged Macaws, and as such, we utilize a parent-started approach. This involves allowing the parents to raise the chicks in a nest box for a few weeks, where they can communicate with them instead of starting life listening to the drone  humming of incubator.

Unlike parrots that are incubated, our parent-started chicks benefit from exposure to beneficial environmental bacteria and receive food regurgitated from their parents, which contains live enzymes and crop flora. From the moment they hatch, they begin cloacal drinking, which exposes the lymphocytes in bursa of fabricius to antigens, thereby creating B cells, which is a distinct line of defence in the acquired immune system. A nest provides a better environment for this natural process instead of an artificial sterile environment like that of an incubator.


At Macaws Australia, we take great care in raising our companion baby macaws within our own family environment. Our babies are surrounded by family members on a daily basis and are exposed to a variety of situations and noises associated with general household living, which helps them become well-adjusted and socialized.

To ensure optimal health and nutrition, our baby macaws are raised on a quality formula and weaned onto a diet that includes soaked/sprouted seed, pellets, nuts, fresh fruit, and vegetables. We believe in providing a healthy amount of sun exposure during the weaning process, as this helps the babies absorb the necessary amounts of vitamin D for maximum calcium absorption.

At Macaws Australia, we go the extra mile to ensure that our Green Winged Macaw babies are well-trained and are enjoyable companions. All of our babies are harness trained, so you can take them out to the park and other outdoor spaces with ease. Additionally, we are happy to teach them in-house recall training before they go to their new homes.

If you're interested in learning more about the baby Green Winged Macaws we have for sale, please give Tracey a call on 0448922492 or visit us on Facebook at

Videos of some of our Greenwing Macaw babies

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